Smart Tips for Choosing a Riding Jacket


The jacket is one of the safety riding equipment which is almost the same position as the helmet and other safety accessories. In addition to the winds during driving, a jacket is also useful to protect the body during an accident.

So, in addition to paying attention to the model and size, you also must pay attention to the jacket material used.

 Here are smart tips on choosing the best riding jacket.

Choose a Jacket That Full Covering the Body

The standard covering the body in a riding jacket is, it must be able to cover the neck, wrist, and hips. If possible, you should choose a special jacket that is equipped with motorbike protective clothing on the elbows and shoulders.

Also, choose a jacket that has the right thickness, not too thick and not too thin. If you want to be safer, use a special jacket for riding only.

Choose the Appropriate Body Size

A jacket that is too small will make it difficult for you to move and not be free when breathing, while if it is too large it will interfere with concentration because of the winds causing the jacket sway. Therefore, make sure you choose a jacket that suits the body.

Besides, a jacket that does not fit (too big or too small), will cause you lack of confidence. Again, this condition also affects concentration while driving.

Do not use too many ropes

Jackets for riding are different from jackets for hanging out. Especially for hanging out, a lot of rope might not be a problem, but if it is for riding, it can be very dangerous. For example, your jacket might get caught on a motorcycle handlebar or other object, which causes an accident.

The solution, choose a jacket that doesn’t use a lot of straps, or if it possibly doesn’t use straps at all, and the model is simple.

Use Bright Colors

Even though you look cool with a dark color, especially for riding jackets you should use brightly colored, or at least have a bright color accent in some strategic parts, such as the shoulders, back, or chest.

If possible, you should also use the materials that can reflect light, such as nylon with neon or highlighter colors.