A holiday time or a long holiday is a time to be spent well. Not without reason, a long holiday can make the holiday plan run smoothly. It such a good idea to visit Patong. Especially if you want to holiday on the beach or natural nuance of other countries. Phuket is famous as one of the world’s famous beach tourism and a must-have destination for beach enthusiasts.

Patong Beach is the perfect place to wait for the sunset.

With a stay at Novotel Patong, the sensation of holiday in Patong will be so peaceful. Patong offers a lot of beach activities to be done. For example, as with Parasailing Sports, jet-skiing and so on. The beach is clean, the tourist location is neatly arranged, there is no building along the beach. Commercial buildings are a bit far from the beach.

Not to mention, Patong Beach is also packed with restaurants, cafes, bars, and money changers. It increasingly supports activities as tourists who do not want to disturb anyone. If you reach Patong Beach in the morning, then you can enjoy the air that is still cool and also natural. In the afternoon, the activities at Patong Beach are sunbathing and water-sports.

Patong Beach, a tourist destination that is always crowded by foreign tourists for marine tourism. Arriving at night is very suitable for enjoying food in cafes and restaurants in the local area. It’s just a sight to try the atmosphere in Patong because it’s still crowded with visitors. When the night has arrived Patong transformed into a bustling center in the evening with a variety of entertainment, especially entertainment adults. Because the majority of the visitor is foreigners that enjoy it.

The location of Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the first beach in Phuket that could have told the developers were focused to serve the local visitor and international. Three more kilometers along the coast is a tourism center with many accommodations, restaurants, and other entertainment. Up at the beach of the beach, the holiday sensation is getting dynamic because of the famous night of the bang la street.

The activity that competes your holiday in Patong beach

After visiting the Patong beach, you can find out and feel how the atmosphere in the night club. This place is showing a very attractive event. It could be of those who gave a flash of flashlights until the music suit with the Super volume. Not missing any sexy dancers in the city’s hottest desk with the windshield.

Tourist objects around Patong Beach

The beauty of tourism in Thailand not only sustained by Patong. But there is a tourist object around it that also completes the natural wealth of Thailand. Another traveler object like Koh Phi Phi, the islands of the islands that are drawn to the number of beaches.

Knowing Patong beach like acquiring an amazing experience. A vacation becomes more challenging. Not forgetting to make it a list of recommendation tourist site for anyone who wants to find the beauty of the beach.