When it comes to vintage jewellery, there’s an air of romance that surrounds buying fine pieces. As the fashion industry shifts towards sustainability, second-hand clothing and pre-loved pieces, vintage and antique jewellery is now in the spotlight as more and more fashion-forward lovers are adding these pieces to their wardrobe.


As well as this, investing in vintage jewellery also connects with your sense of style in a different way. Vintage jewellery pieces have a long and interesting history, much more so than new jewellery pieces and trends. As a result, adding a piece or two to your outfits can add a whole new look of glamour and nostalgia.


Even a simple jeans and tee combination can be transformed with a pair of vintage earrings, whilst a beautiful evening dress can ooze in sophistication with the addition of a stunning necklace. With this in mind, let’s look at some must-have vintage jewellery pieces that are a must when it comes to growing your collection.


Layering Chokers

Whilst choker necklaces are a popular jewellery item with younger generations, they have a long history, spanning thousands of years. As a result, this means that you can find fantastic pieces with beautiful and ornate details that will add a bold statement to your outfit. There are many designer pieces that you can invest in that look beautiful when layered over a simple t-shirt, or classic pearl chokers to add a statement to an evening outfit.


Statement Cocktail Rings

The notion of a cocktail ring is one reserved for 1920 dinner parties and exclusive balls and, as a result, there are some beautiful pieces just waiting to be invested in. Typically using gold metal bands, these pieces are adorned with gemstones, diamonds and embellishments. If you’re looking for a colourful statement piece to add to your everyday wardrobe or are perhaps searching for a unique antique engagement ring, then cocktail rings are the perfect jewellery piece, well worth the investment.


Bold Pendant Necklaces

Many jewellery pieces have long, spiritual meanings and historically, pendant necklaces were worn to pay respects to those recently passed or as a symbol of love or sentiment to close ones. Many vintage pendant necklaces are bold in terms of design and stones, so are the ultimate statement piece when added to a modern wardrobe. Typically consisting of gold chains and large pendant lockets, these vintage jewellery pieces are the ultimate must-have if you’re looking for a bold statement piece!


Traditional Pearls

Pearls are a highly coveted gem and are known as the ‘Queen of Gems”. Pearls were once presented as gifts to Chinese royalty, whilst in Ancient Rome, they were considered the ultimate status piece. Pearls were once considered so precious that in the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar imposed a law where wearing pearls was only permitted for ruling classes.


Pearls have a fairly depleted natural supply these days thanks to over-harvesting in the early 1890s – unlike gemstones which are mined, pearls are produced from living organisms such as oysters and clams – so they are particularly rare. This is then reflected in the price when buying traditional and vintage pieces.


In the 1920s, pearl necklaces were often worn in multiples, with women typically wearing more than four or five chains of pearls at a time – some necklaces would even be more than 30 inches long. Since then, they’ve had a fairly tumultuous history and in the 80s/90s, pearls were associated with the older generation and were worn less frequently. However, they’re now on the resurgence and pearl necklaces and earrings are coming back into fashion again.



By Thoth