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Sometimes it is difficult to keep your wardrobe updated because the investment in each season can be very high. Deep down, we know that it is not really necessary to buy the clothes of each trend, and it is easier to use your creativity to combine what you already have and continue looking like an it girl.

It is not necessary to waste a fortune to look good, many clothes that are abandoned in the closet can look fresh if you add the right accessories or combine them with others. If you no longer know what to wear, we leave you 15 ideas to renew those outfits that you surely have forgotten.

1. Button-down shirts are your salvation

You can wear your button-down shirts under a funny sweatshirt for those moments of leisure, if you have an important event wear heels or pointed flats. Get more ideas from

2. Stockings for winter

Keep wearing your summer dresses in fall and winter, just put on some nice tights and matching boots.

3. Add scarves

You can wear the same as always but adding a pashmina or a scarf will give your style a twist. It can even be a scarf to draw attention to your face.

4. The classic little black dress

For something it is a basic garment, since it can be combined with tennis, sneakers or boots. The differences are marked by accessories and jackets.

5. Steal your boy’s shirts

Those shirts that are longer can be used as dresses or blouses, also apply those of your brother. Just remember to wear a belt to define your figure between excess fabrics.

6. Patch your jeans

If you have a pair of jeans that have boring you can stick fun patches on it, it will take a couple of minutes and they will look like new.

7. Sports cap and loose shirts

For those days when you just have to go to school or take a short walk, you can wear loose shirts with jeans and a sports cap with your hair down.

8. A monochrome outfit

Choose to wear a color from head to toe; it can be your favorite or the one with the most clothes you have. Make a difference with your footwear or some accessory that contrast.

9. Reuse long dresses

That dress you bought for your friend’s wedding can be combined with comfortable shoes and a denim jacket. In winter add a cardigan and boots.

10. Forever black and white

You will never fail with this pair of shades, no matter which part is white or black; they go hand in hand in whatever garment you wear.

11. Shorts and stockings

You can wear your shorts with tights for a different result, no matter if they are made of denim or another fabric. Wear them with boots to look more casual.

12. Wear large earrings

Sometimes an accessory can make a difference; you can try quirky hoops and tie your hair up. You will notice the difference immediately.

13. A hoodie and a jacket

Sweatshirts are perfect for days when you don’t have to wear; there is nothing wrong with looking relaxed on some occasions. Add a jacket if it’s very cold.

14. Hats

They can be the same basic combinations but if you wear a capelin type hat you will look like a whole boho girl.

15. 90s skirts

Denim skirts were all the rage in the 90s and there may be a pair left in your closet. You can combine them with your Converse and a shirt in a contrasting color.