Lightsabers are sword-like weapons used by Force-sensitive beings. These weapons have a hilt and plasma beam that can cut, melt and burn various materials in their path and are powered by kyber crystals. The market is wide and has many options, but before that, are you aware of the core features of a real lightsaber?

With the new innovative technology, duplicated star wars lightsabers are almost the same as the real lightsaber with the same feature like crackle sound effects and the lighting when activated as shown in movies and series.

Are you a war fan following the war movies and series, thinking of having a lightsaber weapon? Please don’t get confused about it anymore. These articles will help you make the best decision and choice in the marketplace and get a superior lightsaber weapon that matches your need. To ensure you get the best lightsaber weapon to ease the buying process, check these features before entering the marketplace you won’t regret.


When it comes to weapon design matters, this is nature and appearance. Both the plastic and metallic lightsaber hilt is available in the marketplace. A plastic handles lightsaber should be of the capacity to hold strength in battles. It would be best if you went for a strong lightsaber with a feature to resist the damage of any obstruction and a light one for the hilt to look like a real weapon. Finally, it would help if you chose a lightsaber with easy handgrip ridges and easy adjustment features.

Power Options

Lightsaber weapons are battery-powered for them to work efficiently and effectively. The batteries are included in the package, or you will have to buy the AA type commonly used separately. Without a battery, this weapon cannot perform even the obvious function. Being a weapon, it’s vital to consider power-saving features and choose a lightsaber that cannot turn harmless when on duty.

The Blade Lights

A good lightsaber should have visual effects. Most real lightsabers have some shaky feature that makes the weapon vibrate. Lightsaber blades can be customized according to customers’ preferences—the lightsaber’s authenticity results from all the vibrating and sound effects. Quality lightsaber blades can always switch to a different color, like blue to red, making it superior.

The Sound Effect

Almost all lightsabers have sound effects, but not all have that unique sound feature—the sparkling and buzzing sounds of the lightsaber complement the projector’s motor activity. Every blade in the marketplace has its useful feature; therefore, the lightsaber blade that offers the closest sound effects is preferred or possibly includes a projector motor sensor for sound control.


The lightsaber’s capability of cutting, burning, and melting almost all material without hindrance is a big issue, and that feature makes it superior. With the new creativity and technological innovation, there are wide varieties of lightsaber weapons to choose from. The article has discussed the right factor to consider when buying a lightsaber, and with that in mind, you will get the right product that will make you proud.

By Thoth