Beautiful Design Ideas For Your Bathroom


Many people want a bathroom with a luxurious impression without reducing space in the house. By using a minimalist bathroom design, then you will produce a bathroom room that looks elegant and spacious. Nowadays, there are already plenty of bathroom design models, so you can freely choose the minimalist bathroom design according to the needs of your family.

Here are some of the most popular bathroom designs this year:

1. Minimalist style with natural stones

This minimalist bathroom design gives you an unusual impression of a bathroom. This unique design of the ceiling also has an open area so that rain can enter, also add white bathroom tiles to look more beautiful, and will give the natural impression in the bathroom. Add bright lighting so that the reflection of the light from the rock looks more detail. The black frame is a very popular item for modern bathroom decorations.

2. Beautiful and Exotic Style

This bathroom design is very unique and exotic. The composition of the light is reflected in the wood material and the use of insulated poles makes an elegant impression. The concept is very interesting. To make it sufficient by making the bathtub area a priority, as if you were on vacation to a five-star hotel. Don’t forget to add plants to thicken an exotic impression.

3. Minimalist Bathroom for relaxation

The bathroom with a spa and sofa inside is a minimalist form of a Scandinavian bathroom. Make a bathroom with a spa and sofa in it, it is recommended to use a bathtub rather than a shower because the use of a bathtub will not make water splattered everywhere. It is very important to add rocks under the bathtub so it doesn’t get wet when you finish your bath. These types of bathrooms are preferred by people who like massage and relaxation.

4. Minimalist With Broad Concept

A bathroom with a broad concept is very useful because it can work to restore energy and mood when bathing. A comfortable bathroom provides all the elegance impression. Add a wide table and soft motifs wallpapers like flowers, leaves, or other motifs. If you have a big remaining room in the house, it is not wrong if we develop a large bathroom too.

5. Bathroom with Dark Lighting

At the time when the bathroom was dark, it was considered as a dirty and scary bathroom. Now the modern era the dark bathroom is very popular among the people because the impression of minimalism is emanating from the dark composition for the bathroom wall. A bathroom that has a design like this, must pay attention to the lighting so it is not wrong in using the concept. Put a window to give natural lighting added with a white lamp.

6. Unclassified Bathroom

If you want to make a minimal bathroom look broad, then you do not need to use a divider or shower screen because the bathroom will look narrower. Even though it can use other methods such as transparent divider, the design of a minimal bathroom toilet approach will look more luxurious. The apparatus is coated with a layer of ceramic and a matte textured floor. The design of this design will directly make the bathroom more classy.