Avoid These Mistakes If You Don’t Want to Choose the Wrong Event Place!


You might already understand the importance of choosing the right event venue for the event’s success later. Now, when you choose the location of the event, avoid mistakes as reviewed below so that later you don’t choose the wrong one!

Insisting on Only Wanting to Use Certain Venue

When planning an event, one of the most common mistakes people make is to choose just one particular venue, even before planning the details of the event. This is usually done by the bride and groom who have dreamed of holding a reception at a certain location. Unfortunately, there is generally no such thing as an event venue that is suitable for all types of events. Because, in the end there will be limitations that block, both from the location or from you as the organizer of the event. So, plan your event carefully in advance to determine the ideal criteria for the venue. Consult with experts like Pink Caviar Events Sydney to reduce errors.

Underestimate the Importance of Location of Event Venues

Regardless of whether you want to maximize attendance at your event later or build a broader and stronger business connection network, you need to make sure in advance that the event audience can easily access the venue. So, its location is clearly an important consideration.

Choosing a Venue with Inadequate Spot Branding

This is especially important for corporate or business events, which indeed is one of the main objectives is to increase brand awareness in the community. So, an event venue that doesn’t provide enough space to display your brand mark is certainly not ideal, be it banners, roll ups, and so on.

Ignore Event Details

When you are planning an event, there are definitely important things to be considered and discussed. For example, the number of visitors and the audience being targeted. Because, in addition to the need for sufficient space for branding, of course you want your choice of venue to accommodate visitors without making them jostle, right? Just making as accurate an estimate as possible is enough, where a venue that looks empty because its capacity is too large for the number of visitors you are targeting certainly gives a bad impression too, both for visitors and managers of the venue.

Not Observing the Prices and Facilities Offered

Even if you have a limited budget, it does not mean you can then be free to choose the event venue that has the lowest rental price. Always pay close attention to what facilities you will get at the price agreed to avoid misunderstanding or hassles in the future. In addition, you also can avoid the “trap” of additional costs that apparently are not included in the price agreed upon in advance.