Are you an ardent fan of Star Wars? It’s one of the most popular and successful film franchises, with over 40 years in the industry. Besides the standalone films, fanatics can enjoy several sequels, prequels, TV series, and merchandise.

Over the years, Star Wars has been cultivating a new audience, an aspect that contributes to its surging popularity. Besides its story premise of good and evil, with many elements, fanatics are primarily associate with the weapons used by the characters. A lightsaber is a top pick among many fanatics of the Star Wars universe.

In this article, we offer a helpful guide on what lightsabers are and why they are essential to today’s culture. Let’s dive in.

Comprehensive Guide to Lightsabers- Be on the Know

The best way to have a far better picture of Star Wars weapons is to look at the popularity of lightsabers. A lightsaber or laser sword is a mysterious and rare weapon preferred by the Jedi, Knights of Ren, and the Sith characters. The sword-like weapon emits a blade of pure energy from the metal hilt, which cuts through anything despite not having mass.

Lightsabers were first introduced in the original Star Wars movies, and it is today’s most popular weapon for most spectacular duels, both defense and offense. The popularity of lightsabers is matchless compared to other weapons from the franchise. They have become a trend among enthusiasts of the Star Wars franchise because of a number of aspects:

Their Increased Availability

Since they were first introduced to the masses, lightsabers weren’t just waves that quickly died out. Today, there are companies flourishing in the lightsabers business. They create and sell different types of lightsabers for young and old Star Wars fans. Their uses also vary from one customer to another. Some fans buy lightsabers for display, wield them during duels, and show off during movies.

Unique and Imaginative Weapons

Lightsabers are unique and stand out from other collections in many movies. The plasma bade glows, and fighters look cool using the weapon. The laser sword’s sound is emblematic, emphasizing a futuristic and imaginative aspect of the duels. You’ll also see sparks from every strike, an aspect that adds excitement to the action.

The Coolness of their Users

Many fanatics of the Star Wars franchise want to use lightsabers because the characters that use them are fantastic. Whether you want to be Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Ahsoka, Darth Maul, or Ob-Wan, there is a unique lightsaber for you. These characters embody coolness, and every lightsaber owner would want to mimic them bravely.

Wild Fight Scenes

The use of lightsabers in the movies makes the scenes look wild. Many fanatics yearn to see more duels featuring laser swords. Lightsabers make the fight look more dangerous, aesthetically pleasing, and exciting to watch.

Amazing Fighting Styles

If you’re a Star Wars fan, the different styles of lightsaber fights will leave you in awe. Different styles used by the laser sword-wielding Jedi are impressive and intricate. Whether you fancy Niman, Makashi, Ataru, or Soresu, all these styles are alluring, and you’ll want to learn how to duel that way.

The Diverse Lightsaber Colors and Hilts

The wide variety of colors and hilts used in lightsabers make it easy for fans to customize their weapons. The color of the plasma blade will depend on the user, and one can choose to be a Jedi or Sith. You can also try rare laser sword colors associated with Ahsoka, Rey, and Yaddle.

Lightsaber hilts are not the same, and you can make them yourself. However, you must have the skillsets and knowledge to create your hilts and use different materials.

Summing Up 

Lightsabers are not a new phenomenon and have been used in the iconic Star Wars franchise for many decades. Their popularity has surged over the years, and new designs will remain to feature in different films. It’s a symbolic weapon in the franchise, bringing out the characters of Sith and Jedi and the huge fanbase. Today, you can customize your lightsabers and participate in lightsaber fights, and it has become a popular sport.